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The history of the Amalgamated Transit Union starts as early as the first horse-drawn “omnibus” in 1832. The urban areas of 19th century North America were becoming increasingly industrialized, 企业所有者对商业各个领域廉价劳动力的需求也在增长. As the need for workers to get to and from cities grew, so did the need for transportation. 而运输工人的劳动对企业是必不可少的, the transit workers reaped none of the benefits of the labor they brought to those businesses. The horses only worked 4-hour days, while the men who drove them oftentimes worked 18-hour days. Transit workers received no better treatment on the job than their counterparts in the factories, 为运输工人建立工会的运动与其他劳动部门的工会组织类似. 许多工人生活在贫困之中, 没有工作保障, 没有好处, 没有假期, 没有养老金, 没有医疗保健. These terrible living conditions were in stark contrast to the rich company owners; such exploitation created a driving force for the creation of a union.

工会组织的尝试始于1861年,一直持续到19世纪80年代. Management would ignore unions’ requests for recognition and would continue to cut wages for workers, 工人们会为争取权利而罢工. 南北战争延缓了劳工运动, 20年后,运输工人再次开始组织起来. 这一企图被渗透进工会的公司间谍挫败了. Three officers and 30 members were fired and workers found attending meetings or gatherings were also fired. This vicious attack on workers shrunk the base of the union from 600 workers to 13.

然而,领导们坚持并重建了组织. 1885年,美国各地的运输工会.S. 开始要求签订合同. 当管理层拒绝尊重工人的要求时, 工人们会罢工, which would completely shut down that industry until the workers’ needs were met. 在这个时候, there were many separate unions within one sector of the workforce and in the same city.

Transit union leaders organized a mass convention to bring all the unions together under one common name. 美国街道铁路雇员联合协会于1892年在印第安纳波利斯召开的第一届大会上成立. In 1893, when a union in Canada joined, the Amalgamated became an international union. 选举之后,国际联盟的第一任主席是威廉。D. 马洪.

It is from these beginnings of exploitation, struggle, and perseverance that our union exists today. 我们必须永远记住兄弟姐妹们的牺牲和奋斗.




  • 1980 - The Gill Award for the contract effective 5/1/80-4/30/83 provided for many improvements including:
    1)养老金——将员工缴费从工资的7%减少到5.5% by 5/1/82; lowered normal retirement age to age 55 for employees whose age and service add up to 85; provided for 100% vesting after 15 years' service (50% after 10 years increasing 10% for each year of service between 10 and 15); added survivor benefit for employees who die prior to retirement.
    2) Health and Welfare - Improved dental and basic health insurance benefits; increased life insurance by $3,在职员工000美元,1美元,500 for retirees; increased 疾病及意外事故保险 by $10 per week (to $65).
    3) Vacations - 4 wks after 10 years (was 11); 5 weeks after 20 years (was 24); 6 weeks after 30 years (was 33) plus 1 additional day for each year of service after 30.
    4)其他增加的制服津贴$100 eff. 7/81; provided for 3 sets of workclothes per week (was 2 sets); increased tool allowance to $80 eff. 5/81; added 3 days 丧亲离开 for grandparent's death; voluntary COPE checkoff provision added.

  • 1983年的今天,第一位黑人总统——詹姆斯·“汤米”·托马斯.
    1)养老金-员工贡献5.5% was eliminated effective 7/1/83 and the survivor "baloon" provision was established. 前AB&W员工福利增加.
    3)健康和福利-牙科计划升级,增加牙周病治疗,并将共同支付比例提高到80%. Life insurance and 疾病及意外事故保险 were increased; podiatry coverage was added; coverage was continued for the surviving spouse and dependent children of active or retired plan participants for a period of 1 year following the employee's death.
    4) Vacations and holidays - 5 days of 假期 may be used single-day increments; Inauguration Day was added as a holiday.
    5) Other - there were also improvements in 制服和工具津贴 and 兼职营办商的福利.

  • 1984年协商的员工援助计划.

  • 1985年协商出勤政策.

  • 1986年——1986年6月, Washington operators had the highest wage rate for operators on any transit system in the United States ($14.14). That agreement, effective 5/1/8/6-4/30/89, provided many other improvements including:
    健康和福利————制定了一项"灵活福利"方案,为家庭参与者每月支付50美元,单身成员每月支付30美元. Employees may select from a list of options in addition to those provided by the current health & 福利计划.
    Pension - 100% vesting after 10 years (was 15); full (unreduced) pensions available when the sum of employee's age and service equals 83; Authority continues to pay total cost.
    4) Sick Leave - 2 day waiting period eliminated for those with 10 years' service who accrue and maintain 12 or more days of sick leave; attendance bonus established providing one-half day for each calendar quarter of perfect attendance which can be accumulated without limit, 增加到病假, 或每年以现金支付. 每年1天以现金支付).
    5)其他-在制服和工具津贴方面有许多其他改进, 兼职营办商的福利,全职操作员不裁员,而兼职操作员则在领工资, 支付体检费用, 转包保管服务, 选择工作程序, 和更多的.

  • 1989 - The agreement effective 5/1/89-4/30/92 included the following improvements:
    1)工资和可乐-除了4.5% wage increases each May 1, wage rates were increases by 80% of the increase in the US CPI above 4.每年4月30日起生效.
    2)健康和福利——5/90至5/91之间无雇员缴款, then employees pay 1/3 of increase over 12/90 rates; life insurance increased to $20,全职员工1万美元,15美元,兼职雇员为12美元,000年和9美元,000); survivor insurance coverage increased to 2 years.
    3) Pensions - full (unreduced) benefits after 30 years' service at any age; early reduced retirement possible at age 50 with 20 years' of service; benefit formula increased to 1.5% of high-4 earnings for each year of service (approximately 14% increase in benefit amount); plan continues to be non-contributory for employees.
    4)假期工资也有所提高, 制服和工具津贴, 申诉程序及膳食津贴.


  • 1970年,虽然获得了辛普金奖, 约会1/28/70, resulted in the loss of the percentage cost-of-living clause and other take-aways, it did provide for the gradual assumption by the employer of the employees' share of the cost of the Health & 在协议期限内的福利计划.

  • 1973年-协定于11/1/72-4/30/74生效, 1月份签署, 重新制定全百分比生活费条款,并提供第9和第10个假日(哥伦布日和浮动假日). 病假等待期缩短至2天, 未用的病假可记入养恤金用途的服务,丧亲假不再记入病假.
    WMATA接管了DC运输公司和WV & 并完成最终收购私人物业(AB & W和UMA). 整个系统现在是公有的.

  • 1974年的今天,第一位黑人全职民选官员. 1974 - 1979年,罗德尼·里士满. 财务处长,协助. B.A.
    生效的3/1/74 - 4/30/76协定除了基本费率增加外,继续执行全部百分比的生活费条款,并为58岁退休且至少服务27年的雇员提供正常养恤金, i.e., sum of age and service = 85 (first time one could retire under the age of 60 with a full pension benefit). Martin Luther King Day added as holiday if Authority operates a holiday schedule. 人寿保险也有所改善, 疾病及意外事故保险, 假期, and provisions relating to operators such as spread pay and percentages of straight runs.

  • 1975年的今天,签署补充铁路协议, 制定适用于铁路系统操作和维修雇员的工资率和其他规定,并规定将铁路系统雇员纳入基本集体谈判协议的条款.

  • 1976年3月,地铁的第一段开通.
    一项仲裁裁决继续了生活费百分比条款(WMATA曾试图大幅修改这一条款)。, 制定了一项牙医计划,管理局支付50%的费用,并在保健、福利和养恤金方面提供了其他改进.

  • 1977年,第一位黑人录音秘书——詹姆斯·“汤米”·托马斯(1977-1982).

  • 197年的今天,由于地铁公司未能按照展期条款向可乐公司付款,自发的罢工使公共汽车和铁路服务中断了一周. 仲裁委员会命令地铁公司向有争议的可乐公司付款.

  • 1979 - Local 689 and WMATA selected Richard Bloch as permanent grievance arbitrator.

1950s & 1960s

  • 1951 - 2,400 operators went on a three-day strike to secure seniority rights for 1200 non-operating personnel.

  • 1953年的今天,一场养老金纠纷被沃夫森管理层拒绝仲裁,689人诉诸法院, 直到1955年合同签订后才得到满足.

  • 1954年-卫生 & 福利计划开始生效,沃尔夫森管理公司预测:“……1955年这里将发生一场大罢工。."

  • 1955 - There was a 52-day strike, 689 won the strike, Wolfson lost his franchise and O. 罗伊·乔克是新特许经营权的中标者.

  • 1955年的今天,第一个黑人公交运营商:詹姆斯·R. Russell和Robert Pettigrew.

  • 1956年的今天,当新公司D.C. 运输系统公司., agreed to voluntary and binding arbitration in the settlement of contract differences.

  • 1957 - The Auxilary was born and the Local played host to the International Convention.

  • 1959年的今天,医疗保健计划开始生效,劳工管理健康中心在新罕布什尔大道开业, 4月6日.

  • 1961年,又一个第一次——额外的工人有40小时的保证. 还有其他全面的改进.

  • 1962年的今天,在99年半之后,电车离开了华盛顿的舞台. 689打破了3美元.每小时00.

  • 1963年12月19日. D.C. 运输系统公司.接管了弗吉尼亚州的华盛顿 & 马里兰教练有限公司. 弗吉尼亚州华盛顿地区第1079分部 & 马里兰教练有限公司. 与地方分部689合并.

  • 1964年,本地689获得行业第一, 他们的退休金计划得到了保障,这在全国是第一次, which provides that the same percentage of increase as the top operator receives in this agreement, 所有未来的增长, 每年会自动适用于所有退休人员吗, 包括生活费用的增加

  • 1965年的今天,超过3美元的工资率.在这次谈判中,他们还保证了每小时00美元和八周的假期.

  • 1966 - Three-year agreement reached in December established highest rate for bus operators, $3.当时协商了755人. 到合同结束时,可可乐条款产生了美元.465美元,利率为4美元.22. Other improvements included: 1) Vacations - 4 weeks after 12 years' service (was 14); 5 weeks after 24 years, eff. 7/68(25岁).); and 1 add'l day for each year after 28, eff. 7/68(30年.). 2)操作员指令工资-增加到$.50/hr. (美元.25). 其他-病假, 丧亲离开, 制服和工作服津贴, 健康和福利也得到了改善.

  • 1967年的今天,第一位黑人女性公交司机萨拉·欧文斯.

  • 1968年的今天,操作员约翰E. Talley at 1:20 AM on May 17 during an attempted robbery sparked a 2-hour wildcat strike. Six robberies that day brought the 4 1/2 month total for 1968 to 232 hold-ups of bus operators. 深夜的司机拒绝携带现金, tickets or tokens and would accept only exact fare and DC Transit suspended night service. 这一争端得到了调解,华盛顿大都会地区运输委员会(Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission)下令特区运输公司(DC Transit)停止运营商在夜间运营时携带改变资金的做法, 有效的6月11日, 1968, 并于6月1日起55天内执行, 1968, 使华盛顿成为第一个下令禁止改变的城市. 1968年8月4日,24小时“精确票价”行动开始实施. Transit systems in Baltimore and Oakland eliminated change-making shortly after Washington did.

  • 1969 - On December 9, Metro broke ground for first rail station, Judiciary Square.

1915 to 1949

  • 1915年的今天,运输工人组织于11月成立

  • 1916年1月19日. 特许工资率约22美分/小时
    3月1日. 向雇主提出的要求.
    3月4日. 罢工称为.
    3月8日. The parties agreed to arbitrate; the Award to be made by April 1st.

  • 1917年的今天,首都牵引公司与689铁路公司签订了一份新合同,但华盛顿铁路和电力公司拒绝谈判. 罢工结果,当地人输了.

  • 1918年的今天,第一次世界大战导致当地铁路和华盛顿铁路电力公司之间出现了一种不稳定的和平,但这种和平从未发展太远.

  • 1920年——战后的岁月, 从二十岁到三十出头, 到1925年,普通的土地工资达到56美分/小时吗

  • 1933年的今天,雇佣公司合并. 华盛顿铁路工人加入了工会.

  • 1940年的今天,当地人获得了第一个一周的带薪假期.

  • 1941年大西洋城国际会议.J. 规定在1917年罢工一年内返回工作岗位的罢工者将恢复他们原来的资历.

  • 1943年二战. 合同的改进由联邦政府控制

  • 1945年的今天,两次自发的罢工, at which time the Company insisted upon arbitration in accordance with contractual commitments
    Established a pension agreement; one of the first funded and trusted pension plans in the industry.

  • 1947 - 689号发现自己处于普遍的不友好气氛中, 塔夫脱-哈特利法案进一步加剧了这一问题.

  • 1949 - The Wolfson Management took control of the Company and in a few months 600 jobs were lost to our 4,700个成员.