ATU Local 689’s Leadership Team


Raymond Jackson

President and Business Agent

Raymond Jackson is the newly elected Second Vice President of Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 689. He is a 30 year employee of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and comes out of the Railcar Maintenance Department (CMNT). He has held various elected positions in the leadership of ATU Local 689 since 1998 when he was appointed Shop Steward for railcar maintenance. He was elected to the position of Second Vice President in 2015. He has been deeply involved in mentoring the children of his community through boxing since 1998.


Keith Bullock

Financial Secretary Treasurer


Brenda Thomas

Recording Secretary


Carroll Thomas

First Vice President


Derrick Mallard

Second Vice President

Executive Board Members


Assistant Business Agents:

Derrick Gray 
Rail Car Maintenance

Faye Lawson
Maintenance & Construction At-Large

Executive Board Member/Shop Stewards:

Leah Anderson 
Track & Structure  and Plants

Alexis Bobo 
Plant & Track

Greg Bowen 
At-Large Maintenance & Construction

Damion Cannon 
Bus Maintenance

Donald Murray 
System Maintenance

Rail Car Maintenance Shop Stewards:

Keith Carter 
Rail Car Maintenance #2

Patrick Germain 
Rail Car Maintenance #1

Glenn Miller
Rail Car Maintenance #4

Rail Car Maintenance #3

Bus Maintenance Shop Stewards:

Brian A. Johnson 
Bus Maintenance #4


Bus Maintenance #1

DeWayne M. Reddick
 Bus Maintenance #2

Damion L. Wood 
Bus Maintenance #3

Systems Maintenance Shop Stewards:

Michael Batchelder 
 System Maintenance #2

Richard Brown 
System Maintenance #4

Kevin Laws 
System Maintenance #1

System Maintenance #3

Elevator/Escalator Shop Stewards:

Alisha Barnett 
Elevator/Escalator #2

Elevator/Escalator #1

Plant Maintenance  
Shop Stewards:

Esteban Gomez  Plant Maintenance #2

Mike Phelps 
Plant Maintenance #1

Christopher Scott 
Plant Maintenance #4

Plant Maintenance #3

Track & Structures Shop Stewards:

Marlow Franklin - Track & Structure #2

Gavin Pitt - Track & Structure #1

Track & Structure #3


Assistant Business Agents:
Romoan Bruce 
Bus Operations

Debra Carter 
Para-Transit Operations

Diron Jackson
Bus Operations

Executive Board Members and Shop Stewards:

Niya F. Banks 
Shepherd Parkway Division

Troy H. Barnes 
West Ox Division

Tracey P. Britt 
Southern Ave. Division

Jennifer Chase  
Montgomery Division

P.L. Dates Jr. 
Shepherd Parkway Division

Bobby Devlin 
DC Streetcar

John Gaines
Bladensburg Division

Brandon Godwin 
Four Mile Run Division

James Goines 
Four Mile Run Division

Fowzia Hassen 
MV Transportation 

Karen Reed 
First Transit

Tracy R. Smith
Western Division

Joyce Timmons 
Diamond Transportation

Barry "Speed" Wilson 
Northern Division


Executive Board Member & Shop Steward:
Ronald Shelton

Shop Stewards:
Adrian Mitchell  Administration and Clerical #2

Donna Thomas 
Division Clerks & Related Personnel Shop

Tracey Washington 
Administration and Clerical # 1


Assistant Business Agent:

Dion Baker 
Rail Operations and Station Managers

Ozzie L. Andrews
Station Manager Division Executive Board Member and Shop Steward

Rail Operations Shop Stewards:

Sherard Brown
Rail Ops Region #4

Stancil Brown 
Rail Operations 
Region #2

S.R. Hartwell 
Rail Operations 
Region #3

Gerard Williams 
Rail Operations
Region #1

Station Manager Shop Stewards:

Brenda L. Gray 
Station Manager 
Region #4

Warrenlettia Hunter
Station Manager
Region #1

Wilbur Lucas 
Station Manager
Region #2

Marcello R. Tolliver
Station Manager
Region #3